Civil Department

There are a total of 16 business departments of Shanghai Kunlan Law Office, which includes: finance banking department, real estate department, sci-tech innovation department, non-performing assets department, trust department, fund department, intellectual property department, corporation department, civil department, criminal department, medical and health department, educational law department, state-owned enterprise and assets department, government counsel department, foreign-related department, dispute resolution department.

All the partners and lawyers of Kunlan Law Office are from well-known law firms, universities, large group enterprises, judicial institutions, and so on, with an excellent academic background, rich project practice experience, and abundant long-term experience in serving customers and participating in complex commercial transactions. At present, most of Kunlan lawyers have a master’s degree or above, and some of them have a doctorate and postdoctoral degree.

Some of our members are not only professors from the law schools of Fudan University, East China Normal University, East China University of Political Science and Law, and other well-known universities, but also currently serving as arbitrators of local arbitration institutions. Some partners and lawyers have worked in government departments and judicial institutions of all levels. At the same time, four of our lawyers have been elected to Shanghai Bar Association’s 11th Council Business Research Committee, and Shanghai Foreign-related Law Talent Bank. Kunlan has a team of senior consultants in various fields, who provide strong intellectual support to the firm in theoretical research and practical handling of major difficult and complex issues.


Liu Ning    ◈Shanghai

Chai Wenlong    ◈Shanghai

Li Xin    ◈Shanghai
Director Assistant

Zhang Ruizhe    ◈Shanghai

Graduated from:Shanghai International Studies University
Business field:finance  | real estate  |  construction(include PPP) …

Shi Yexiang    ◈Shanghai